Tale-Spinner’s Hearth Patreon~

     Hello, dear friends. Welcome to my hearth, and welcome to my home. I’m glad that you decided to take the time to visit and read some of my offerings as a writer. When I first started this blog, the purpose was more or less a cynical one. I created it to funnel traffic to my Patreon, thus making me rich beyond the dreams of avarice! Alas, it has not turned out that way. Since starting my Patreon, and later on this WordPress, I have re-thought my goals and my ideals. More than anything, I want to create a community. Normally, when you read about starting a community of any sort, it makes me feel as though I’m starting my own Borg Collective. What can I gain from you? It’s not what I can get from you, it’s about what I can give to you. Here, therefore, is my writing. These are the stories I’m working on. Please enjoy them. I enjoy you coming here and gaining something from my writing. But I can’t eat good feelings, and work is scarce for a man of my dubious talents, so here is a link to Patreon. If you feel like it, please consider giving, but know that this is never a demand and that I will do my utmost to give you wonderful stories regardless. After all, every good inn needs some patrons.