A note from the fireside~ 4/22/18

     Hello, dear friends. Is it strange to say that I’ve missed you? I spend so much of my week thinking of you, since so much of my time goes into writing.  I hope you enjoyed the last chapter of Paranormal Cleaners. It’s definitely one of those points which shifts the world for Jack Goodbody. The original plan was to resolve it before the end of this book, but I wanted to play a slightly longer game with this one. Please forgive me for my chronic inability to get a Second-Hand Rumors chapter out on time. I feel so awful every day I’m late. I wrote till around 1am last night, once I had some free time. I just ended up writing the opening over and over.

     I have a lot of news this week. I’m wondering if I mentioned this before, but the last week of April and the opening week of May, I will be on vacation, of sorts. That week will be taken off, so I can get some work done. Recently I had the good fortune of getting some advice from a fan. Having thought over that advice, Paranormal Cleaners is getting a major overhaul, and I mean major. Chapters 14-18 will be getting entirely rewritten. Chapters 19-20 will be getting an extension and a revamp. Chapter 28-29 will be getting revamped, and there will be an additional fight scene at the end of the Charles Beaufort arc. Chapters 30-33 are being replaced entirely.

     As you can imagine, that’s an enormous amount of work that I’m proposing, but it gets worse. I don’t want those stories to go away, so they are also being revamped to act as side stories. I have no idea when this project will end, but I plan on getting a metric ton of writing done. With that looming on the foreground, I guess I found it a bit difficult to focus on Second-Hand Rumors this week. It’s mostly a setup chapter, but I think it will lead into a really good arc. I’ve got some idea where I’m going, as I usually do when it comes to Liam, though he does surprise me sometimes.

     Sometimes, I think I’m fighting an impossible fight here. You start writing a story, you have no idea whether it’s going to succeed, but you pour so much of your heart into it that you have to keep going. Realizing that your baby has some major flaws that can, and should, be addressed can be distressing. What keeps me going is you. Writing for you matters to me because you matter. Since I want to revamp things, there will be no Paranormal Cleaners this Monday, meaning Cleaners will be going on a two week hiatus. Hopefully, by the time the week after that rolls around, I will at least have worked out some of the kinks and will be able to post the revised chapter 41, as it currently stands. There may be new chapters up, on top of replacements. As always, thank you for coming to my hearth and stopping by for some tales and companionship. You lighten my doorstep with your presence. Please visit again soon. I’ll be sure to keep your chair open, right by the hearth.

A note from the fireside~ 4/15/18

     Hello, dear friends. Please forgive my absence this last week. I managed a chapter on Monday, but unsurprisingly the Second-Hand Rumors chapter was late. I’m not sure why Liam’s chapters are so hard to write, but I find myself struggling with every single one. I feel like I need to be in a very specific place in order to write him. Maybe his plots take work too, I’m not sure. Anyways, news for the week. Liam’s story is going into a new arc starting this next Friday. I’m not sure exactly which arc we’re going with, so we’ll all be surprised when we find out. Jack’s going to continue forward in his investigation. This next chapter for him…which God help me is due tomorrow…is going to be huge. It’s going to set the course the the coming chapters through the summer and lead up to a conflict with one of the major villains of the series.

As a sort of apology, I’ve written a short thing called, “Jack and Stan- Paranormal Taxes.” This last week has been a little crazy. Recently, I got hired as a substitute teacher at the local school system. Child herding can be a tiring job, but I’m liking it so far. It’s requiring me to keep hours that I’m not used to, so it’s impacting my ability to write. I have been able to do some brief planning for Siren’s Cove, so that’s nice. What really needs to happen is that I just need to make a  map of the damned city. If anyone knows of any programs that are good for that sort of fantasy/steampunk map making please let me know in the comments.

     There haven’t been any more changes to WordPress or Patreon based on that. I’ve been kind of tired and just struggling to keep up. At the end of April/opening of May I am going on a trip with my wife. That week, I will likely take off because we’re going to be on the road. That’s not to say that I don’t plan on doing any writing, I just doubt I can get any editing done for me while we’re out. That being the case, I will work on writing when I get a chance, but I doubt I will post that week. Patreon fans! I am going to keep working on playing catch-up with you. Once we’ve caught up to both stories, I will post the stories on Patreon the day after, or the same day, that I post them here. I can shuffle things around, depending on feedback, but I doubt I will ever post on Patreon ahead of here. Ultimately, I consider posting on both platforms equally important. I just want there to be some options for your convenience.

Thank you so much for stopping by and listening to me ramble, dear friends. Please forgive the lateness of this week’s Second-Hand Rumors and do feel free to join me next week. I will be sure to save a seat for you by my hearth.

A note from the fireside~ 4/8/18

     Hello, dear friends. Welcome back to my humble on-line home. I missed youse guys. So let’s talk stories. Paranormal Cleaners is going to be on its current arc for the next three or four weeks, maybe longer. The problem is that the planned ending I had for the second part of Cleaners had to be entirely removed. That left me with the problem of what to replace it with, which I think I have some ideas. I don’t want to talk about that too much yet, because with the benefit of hindsight I think I spoiled some of the coming chapters. I guess that’s what I get for trying to get you all hyped up for what’s to come.

     Liam’s current story will also last another two weeks or so, and I’m excited for some of the character that will be showing up there. Some of them are old friends and some of them are newer ones. Once we’re done that arc, we’re going back to a more regular Liam story. Liam has certainly grown this last part, though I hope his growth hasn’t been too jarring. I like Liam enough to want the ending of his story to be happy. The more time I spend with Liam, the more I realize how empty he was before he met Simon. He talks about thieving to fulfill day to day wants and needs. He never really thought about tomorrow. This current arc will tie directly into the ending of his story. The last part is definitively Second-Hand Lives.

     On a more technical note this week, I’ve spent the last few days drastically changing my Patreon around. Here is a link to my rather lengthy and rambling post there. It’s got some links to this blog that you can probably safely ignore.


     At the end of the day, I would consider this blog and my patreon to be, more or less, a failure at this point. The realization that I set up my patreon a year go and have yet to get a single Patron was a little shocking, because I tend to forget that I set my patreon up sooner than my WordPress attached to it. Once I did start this WordPress, my patreon sort of fell by the wayside. I guess I can hardly blame people for not wanting to pony up cash for their absentee landlord. There are a lot of other little problems I had, which became bigger problems the more I thought about them. I covered most of them in my Patreon post, but some of them apply to the WordPress as well. I didn’t like that my WordPress had a different name than my Patreon. I didn’t like many of the technical aspects of my Patreon, like the goals or rewards. Those still need fixing. I also don’t like the Patreon page here, or my homepage as of now. These will also get changed in the coming weeks.

     I won’t lie to you. I write because I want to make money to support myself and my wife. We’ve had a rough road, but we keep trying to make our dream of a place we can call our own come true. Living in my parents basement wasn’t exactly that dream. I’m looking for work as well, so it’s not as though I’m putting all my eggs in one basket here. I guess sometimes it just feels like we don’t have a basket to put eggs in. What I realized as I thought about Patreon and WordPress was that first and foremost, I wanted to build a community. I want to make money, sure. I want to make people happy with my writing more. I want you to be happy with what I write. I want to have my finger on the pulse of my audience, learning how to become a better writer for you. That’s why I called my blog the Tale-Spinner’s Hearth, because this is my home. It’s my home and you are my welcome guests. Please come back soon. I’ll have your chair saved next to the fire, right where you left it. Thank you for reading my stories.


A note from the fireside~ 4/1/18

     Hello, dear friends. Welcome back to my fireside, I have some news for you. Work continues on the next couple of side bits. I’ve been struggling with writer’s block lately, especially when it comes to those and to Liam for some reason. Chapter 8 for Second-Hand Rumors has been done since yesterday, but the wife was cooking up a storm. She may very well be able to get to it today, so here’s hoping. It’s a chapter where Liam is at his most…Liamest…but it is a set-up chapter for things to come. Liam’s story tends to flow from one thing to the next, whereas Jack’s story is much more episodic. I’m not sure how I feel about that, it’s just how it ended up. I’ve also been working a little on Siren’s Cover, the major story I’ll be working on once this set of stories is over. I promise, I haven’t been working on it much. Just doing some world building and some prep-work.

     The story after Second-Hand Rumors is going to be Second-Hand Lives, and that will be Liam’s last story. The ending is already done in my head, it’s just a matter of getting there from here. That story will coincide with the end of Paranormal Cleaners. In place of Liam, there will be another side-story with an as yet unnamed character. I know that it will be called “Five-Dollar Killer” and it will be about a person who takes out bad people for a sum of only five dollars. That will take place along-side the sequel series, Paranormal Repossession, which will feature Jack and his stalwart companion Stan finding objects which shouldn’t fall into mortal hands and bringing them home.

     I’ve been thinking about how best to engage with my small, but hopefully growing, community. One of the ideas I had was to give backgrounds on minor characters or places which we’ve seen. Obviously, the Five Families themselves will be in the books, but I was hoping to look at some characters like Madeline. If you like this, or have any other ideas, please let me know. I think two chapters a week is about the maximum we can get in, unless I can find someone else to edit for me. The Second-Hand Rumors chapter should be up today, and with any luck the Paranormal Cleaners chapter should be up on time. The last few chapters, as I think I’ve stated, required massive rewrites. I liked the way it turned out. Once this next set of chapters is done, I’m headed into unknown territory. The original last set of chapters have been entirely stripped from the record for a variety of reasons, which I will touch upon either next week, or the week after, once this next set of chapters has begun. Thank you, dear friends, for visiting with me. You are what keeps me going every week, along with my wife. Please come and visit again soon. I will keep your chair open for you, right by the hearth.

A note from the fireside~ 3/25/18

     Hello, dear friends. I’ve been thinking for a while about how to regularize my posts to you all, so you know what’s going on. I’ve decided to set aside Sunday as the day when I will write a brief note to let you all know how I’m doing and what’s going on. I apologize for the lateness of Second-Hand Rumors, again. I have no idea why, but Liam has been very hard to write as of late. I think the additional stress factor is that Paranormal Cleaners is requiring massive rewrites. The last chapter of this current arc was so bad, in comparison to what I wanted it to be, that I decided it would be better to just rewrite the whole thing. I haven’t had to go completely off script for Paranormal Cleaners in a very long time.

     The book is now officially edited, I’m not sure if I mentioned that before. I have to go over the edits, but beyond that the main text is done. The extra bits need lots of work, but even that has been moving along nicely. “Days Past Bye” and “Everything Just So” are rough drafted and “One More Night” is about a fourth done. They’re troublesome little pieces, because they’re vignettes, but I need them to be really high quality.  I’m debating removing the family history for the Goodbody family, if you have any preferences let me know.

     I’ll have you know that I try quite hard to get those Second-Hand Rumors chapters out on time. It’s proving rather difficult, though I do believe the title for the next series with Liam has officially volunteered itself. I keep meaning to put more work into my other projects too, or post more often on my Patreon, but that just feels like some impossible goal. Anyways, thank you for stopping by dear friends. Thank you for your patience and thank you for your visit. I’ll keep a chair open just for you by my fireplace until you stop by again.

At the end of all things, I’ll still be here~

     Hello, dear friends. I hope you’ve been having a good week. Mine has been so-so. I hate to tell you that Second-Hand Rumors continues to be a thorn in my side, but it really has been thus far. The chapter for tomorrow is mostly written, though it needs to be edited first by me and then by my wife. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post it tomorrow, but I will do my best to get it up. I always feel bad when Second-Hand Rumors chapters go up super late, and then a few people like it and I’m like…shit, someone might have been waiting on that. So I am sorry, the wife is working today and tomorrow so it may have to come out on the weekend.

     Jack and Stan is now heading into the end game for the second part. Without giving too much away, we’re going to be getting some more information on the Cult of the Outer Plant gods, which a dark parody of H.P. Lovecraft. I’m very excited for some new ideas, though that does mean massive rewrites for the coming chapters. It will be worth it, because we get to see Samantha Goodbody kicking ass and taking names again. Ah! I’ve said too much, moving on. I’m just going to bite the bullet and buy something to get the info from my hard drive in the next few weeks. It’s rapidly reaching the point where I need to just get that done with.

     On the Total War front, I’ve now got 50 turns under my belt, so I know what to expect for the forseeable future in terms of storytelling. I hope that I can get started on that soon, but given my difficulties writing Second-Hand Rumors, that might be a bit of a stretch. Liam’s life is going to get so much more difficult soon. Oh, and of course, it didn’t help that my keyboard died this last week. I bought a new one and then had to immediately return that one,  because when I’m writing, I don’t normally smash my keys like I’m Beethoven in a creative frenzy. I wish I did. I don’t. As always, thank you for stopping by, dear friends. I will hold a special seat for you by my hearth until you return.

We write, or else we asplode~

     Hello, dear friends. Please forgive my absence this previous week, as well as the short size of the Paranormal Cleaners post on Monday. I’ve had a few crisis level problems to take care of, not the least of which is my current student loan situation. I  wanted to write today to talk about a few things related to my own writing.

     Firstly, editing continues on the first book front. It’s about two thirds done at this point, and I have rough drafted one of the bonus features. I guess now that the editing is moving forward again, I have to get moving on the other parts. In terms of concept, at least, I am very excited to share them with you when I can finally get around to publishing my book. Here, I was hoping to have a birthday present for myself. It looks like that won’t be the case, however. Second-Hand Rumors continues to be the biggest pain in the ass I have ever written. I have no idea why, but Liam is sometimes very hard to write. Here’s hoping today’s session goes better then yesterday. His story gets increasingly more important as time goes on, so I really have to stick the landing on this one. Once Second-Hand Rumors is done, in an idea world, we will leave Liam alone for a bit. His third story, tentatively titled “Second-Hand Lives” takes place after a certain amount of time has passed. I can push it up, if there are requests, but there are other things.

     You might have noticed that there is a tab up on the top of the website that remains unused, that Total War Rebel Tales thing. I’m fascinated by Total War as a game series, which for those of you who don’t know, is a grand strategy game where you take control of a faction during the Medieval Period and attempt to take over the world. In these stories, I chose five cities under the normally unplayable rebel faction and decided to write stories about them. In characteristic fashion, I overstepped my abilities, so I had to limit myself to one city for a point of view character. Those other five cities will get highlighted more than other cities or factions, but there were other technical difficulties. I am treating each city as its own faction, but in reality the rebels are all one faction. That being the case, I am cheating mercilessly for more money and calculating how much money each city/castle makes each turn.

    Having worked the kings out, I am attempting to get to turn 50, and then I will begin writing. There are a myriad of other restrictions and rules, which I will post in great detail once I begin writing the series. Thank you, dear friends, for stopping by and listening to my stories. I will always keep a chair open by my hearth for you. Please come again. I eagerly await your return.