A note from the fireside~ 6/25/18

     Hello, dear friends. It’s been a very long week off. I missed you all a lot, and I have a few things to mention. Unfortunately, I almost forgot about this because the last couple of days have been busy, messy and frustrating. Good news first. There should be a chapter of Cleaners tomorrow, posted by 5pm. It’s mostly drafted out at this point, and the opening of the story has been flowing really well. This is a mega-arc which will end part 2 and lead into part 3. Second-Hand Rumors should also be out on time. I’m going to be using my renewed vigor and energy to try and up my writing game. Writing week to week gives you a ton of respect for manga artists and writers, who have to keep a schedule or their fans will lynch them and their editors. I’m glad I have the fans I have. I’m so glad you’re here, even after a week off and a late weekend update.

     Second-Hand Rumors also goes into it’s final arc for the part before leading into Second-Hand Lives. It’s not as long an arc, but it’s going to have a doozy of a conclusion. Expect to see some old faces show up again. The Dirt Gremlins are going to make a show stopping appearance as well. Second-Hand Lives will mark the completion of Liam’s story, and it will lead directly into the next set of stories. I consider Paranormal Cleaners to be the main storyline, and it is ultimately on a collision course with those characters in New York City. The difficulty right now is going to be the end of Paranormal Cleaners part 2. In order to make this current storyline work, I had to take an arc from the sequel set of stories, strip it down and rebuild it to suit my purpose. I’m not really sure how much retrofitting I need to do.

     This last week was a bit of a wake up call as well. My Patreon deactivated, I assume because it had been about a year and I was getting zero patronage from people. I’m not sure I can blame them. I’m not sure what I could have done. Maybe it’s because I always considered Patreon to be a shot in the dark? I certainly didn’t spend enough time on there to convince people I would be around. It make me think a lot about my writing and what I want to do with it. It motivated me to improve for you and start trying to be more systematic about my editing and writing. I guess it’s just depressing that I’ve been working on this story for years, and I feel like I have little to show for it. Now I’m just complaining, so I’ll wrap up by mentioning a few more small details. This next week will begin our first official cycle of five weeks on and one week off. Depending on how well my writing goes over the summer, there may or may not be a period of break in December, as there was last year, because my wife works at a bakery.

     I guess the best way to end this is by saying thank you for your visit. You are the oasis of hope in the desert of hopelessness which writing can feel like. I like forward to seeing you next week, and I hope you enjoy the stories to come. Please, pull up a chair and stay for a bit. When you leave, I’ll save your seat right by the fire where you left it.

A note from the fireside~ 6/17/18

     Hello, dear friends. I hope you’re having a good father’s day weekend. I myself haven’t been so fortunate, though I hope to be a father someday. We’ve got a few things to talk about this week. Goodness, that sound so serious. Maybe I can be a father after all. Anyways, the current arc for Paranormal Cleaners is done. It leads directly into the last arc for this part. Very likely, this over-arcing story will lead into the third part and make up the end of the story. In the original version, everything was going to get wrapped up in the next arc, but I felt this portion of the story needed a little weight. It’ll be interesting to see how this effects the overarching story for Paranormal Repossession, the second overall story.

     Second-Hand Rumors also ended it’s arc this week. It was a small arc, and not a lot happened in terms of actions, but I think the character development was very important. The last arc will encompass the end of the part. I am looking forward to the build up and the ending, and I would love to hear what you think about how it ends. Liam started off in a very different place, but in this last chapter he admitted he was becoming friends with someone. I would love to keep writing, but I am exhausted. This last week was so very long. I work a job where I am on call. I got called in every day, and I have a major project to work on for a student. With that in mind, I am cutting this weeks author’s note short. Next week, we’re going on break so I can try and get back on schedule. I might post something this next week, but let’s just say we’re closing our doors until next Sunday. I will miss you so much. Thank you, as always, for coming to my inn and spending some of your time with me. I am so glad that you came. I will save your chair for you right by the hearth.

A note from the fireside~ 6/10/18

     Hello, dear friends. Oh lord, have I missed you this week. I am so excited! I have a few important things to tell you. I meant to post on my author’s page on Facebook about this, but it’s been a doozy of a week. I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long. The first set of Cleaners chapter rewrites is done! This is the most important set of rewrites! The other ones will roll out slowly as the weeks go by, but most of them are cosmetic changes, or things that needed to happen story wise. With chapter 18 up, I can now officially focus on chapter 41 and wrap that up. I wouldn’t expect it to be up tomorrow, but Wednesday is a hopeful day. Given that I am aiming for every part to be 24 chapters long, to give each story some regularity, that leaves 7 chapters until the end of part 2 for Paranormal Cleaners. Hold on to your butts, cause it’s going to be a very bumpy ride. The opening of part 3 will be especially fun once we get there.

This week in Second-Hand Rumors is a little slower, and I would like to explain some of my logic on this chapter with you. Liam, being a thief, spy and general ne-er do well, doesn’t get a lot of good things in his life. This chapter ended up being a little light on substance because of that. I realized that, between Jack and Liam, you get a lot of darkness and sometimes, it’s nice to inject a little light into a story. Hence, a rare display of Jack’s personal kindness in chapter 18 when he left a family in the best shape he could, and Liam visiting a part of the Mythic world that isn’t a complete mess. That’s not to say it is without suffering, but I am happy I got to share a bit of my lighter side with you.

Next week, we are visiting the Gnome village, which has been referenced a couple of times. The design I had in my head was quite nice, so I hope it translates to the page. I might wrap up this arc early, rather than drag it out too long. The other reason I wanted a breather was because the last arc for Second-Hand Rumors is going to be a doozy. Expect lots of high octane Dirt Gremlin espionage action, and one of the most climactic fight scenes we’ve had yet. I’ve been looking forward to this part, because it helps bring Liam a little further on thematically. I am, admittedly, worried about the end of part 3. I feel like I’m headed in the right direction, but you should never write a story based entirely on themes, in my opinion. I’m not saying give the fans exactly what they want all the time, because sometimes I don’t know what I want until I have it. I’m just saying I care about you all. When you’re done reading a completed story of mine, I want you to be happy, crying, exhausted and fulfilled. If I can give you any of those feelings, I will have succeeded in my own purpose on this Earth. Also, I really like Dr. Brown as a throwaway character. He’s coming back for sure.

I’m so glad you came back for another week. My humble hearth just wouldn’t be the same without you. Please come again next week, dear friends. I will save your seat right by the fire.

A note from the fireside~ 6/3/18

     Hello, dear friends. I’m about ready to dance for joy! I just can’t help it, I am so freaking excited! I’ve got some fun news to share with you all. Firstly, I just sent my wife chapter 17 of Paranormal Cleaners. In an ideal world, it will be up later on today. Chapter 17 is the second to last chapter of the first replacement arc. I mentioned this awhile ago, but I wanted to replace some arcs over the course of the story which were a little too indulgent in terms of pacing. I’m not getting rid of those arcs, but they are certainly going to be rewritten and put somewhere more useful. My wife suggested extra book chapters, and I’m not against that, but we’ll see how it goes.

Worrying about rewriting four chapters has made it incredibly difficult to focus on getting new chapters out, and I didn’t want to post the next chapter of Cleaners until this first rewrite was over. That means next week, we will have one more chapter of retro-cleaners and then I can safely post chapter 41, long awaited I hope. I’m sorry to make you wait so long, but it wouldn’t have made as much sense as it will now. In Second-Hand Rumors, we just wrapped up our current arc yesterday, and we’ll be moving on to the second to last arc in this part this next week. I’m trying for around 24 chapters, that seems to be the sweet spot for me. Once Second-Hand Rumors is over, Second-Hand Lives will begin after a week’s break. I think that week may very well start my proposed five weeks on, one week off deal as well. I hate making you all wait, but I hope that by taking a week off on occasion it will give me time to work on other projects and pace myself better. Me pacing myself means better stories for you!

Meanwhile, on the Patreon front, I scheduled a bunch of posts and shot them off. My schedule has been so strange lately. I’m not exactly what you would call a morning person, so it’s been hard to get used to working as a sub. Thankfully, or perhaps not, it was pretty quiet this last week, so I was able to get some more work done than usual. I spent a lot of my week thinking about you, and about how to promote my little tale-spinner’s hearth as a community. I haven’t come to any conclusions yet, but know that you all are on my mind as the week goes by. I’ve had some super fun ideas to bat around with the wife, challenges and rewards and whatnot, but I think the first thing I need to do is get my posting schedule in order. I’ve also been working on Siren’s Cove, doing more world building and planning out the opening cycles for one character. It’s taken a lot of time, but I think it will pay massive dividends before too long.

     Thank you, as always, for coming to visit me. I appreciate your time so much, and I hope you come back to see me again soon. I’ll save your seat by the hearth, just like I always do.

A note from the fireside~ 5/27/18

     Hello, dear friends. I’ve been thinking of you a lot this last week. I’m excited because I feel like we’re finally close to getting things back to normal. Chapter 17 will hopefully be up this next week, and after that there’s only one more chapter that needs to be reworked. Once that part is mostly done, I’ll go back to the Paranormal Cleaners 1 chapter and rework those, because they are drastically out of date. I’m sure you can tell where that story is going, but it will be fun to see your reactions all the same. Liam’s story took a big step forward this week as well. He’s been taken in by some killers, but don’t let the fact that they’re the protagonists for the next story fool you. Even odds, Liam gets killed at least once.

I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m going to be setting a five week on and one week off schedule for the stories. I’m hoping to get a handle on that by August, so that will be the official date. We’ll give it a shot and see how we all feel about it, both myself as a writer and you as readers. Things have been a little busy lately, so that’s one of the reasons why this weeks post was a little late. I feel so awful every time I post late, I really do. I can’t even remember the last time I posted on time. For that, I can only apologize again and continue to try hard. Starting next week, if I can keep up a good pace, there will be a teaser for the next chapter of Second-Hand Rumors either Wednesday or Thursday. I’m going to endeavor the week after that, depending on how the rewrites go, to start posting a teaser for the Cleaners chapter on Saturday. I will update the Facebook more often as well.

Having reached chapter 14 of Rumors, there are only ten or so chapters left. I’m hoping I can get my act together, and start pulling through on all the things I want to get done. This hearth deserves better, more consistently from me. I promise you this, though. I will never stop trying because you are worth it, dear friends. Thank you, as always for your visit. You make story-telling so much fun. Please come again and spend some time with me. I’ll keep your chair free by the hearth.

Facebook Author’s Page~

     Hello, dear friends. I just wanted to give you a quick update on the week and see how you were doing. Firstly, Cleaners 16 has been replaced. It’s been really replaced this time, because apparently that’s where I put chapter 15 last time. chapter 15 is now where it’s supposed to be, and all is right…ish with the world. I’ve begun work on Second-Hand Rumors 14. There’s some good odds that even if I finish it on time, it might come out on Saturday or Sunday. My wife, who edits my work, is at the bakery on Thursday and Friday and if she gets to the work, then she gets to it. I don’t like pushing her for help on days when she’s wiped out.

Here is a link to my author’s page. I’m going to make an effort to be more active on there.


I’m hoping to start adding little teases of a sentence or two a day before each post, though I might wait until Cleaners proper starts up again to get that underway. Thank you, dear friends, as always for your visit. You’ve brightened the middle of my week, and I hope I have done the same for you. Please come back soon. I’ll save your chair right by the fire.

A note from the fireside~ 5/20/18

     Hello, dear friends. I’ve missed you this last week, mostly because it’s been quite exhausting. Let me fill you in on what I’ve been working on and some plans that I’ve been milling over. There was no chapter for Cleaners this last week, because we’re still in replacement mode. Chapter 15 for Paranormal Cleaners has been replaced. I’ve been working on chapter 16 today, and if I have some time tomorrow I can replace that chapter tomorrow or Wednesday. The Second-Hand Rumors chapter was late again, and I’m sorry for that. I’ve been trying to balance two jobs and writing. Not that I’m working full time, I’m just mentally exhausted right now. Second-Hand Rumors ended on a major cliff-hanger this week. Next week, the fireworks will go off and Liam will find himself in the middle of a pretty chaotic situation.

     I’m working on a better writing schedule, something I can stick too. Every week, I fail. Every week, I tweak it a little more to try and figure out how to get it to work better. Here’s hoping that this week will be the one that works out. I’ve realized that I have two avenues to connect with you that I’m not taking full advantage of, and I would like to briefly talk about my plans here. I will put up an extra post in the middle of the week with a link to my author’s page, which I want to tweak a bit. I also will start posting again my Patreon this last week, until I am caught up with the current story in Cleaners and Second-Hand Goods/Rumors. I want be able to connect with you all in the middle of the work, or if I experience any unexpected delays. I figure my author’s page is a good way to deal with those situations.

     In the next few weeks, the first major rewrite section will be done. Once it’s done, I can then shift my attention to finishing the current arc in Paranormal Cleaners. Here’s hoping to a good couple of weeks. Thank you, as always, for your visit to my humble inn. I truly appreciate your visit and your stay. Please do come again next week, I’ll save your seat right by my hearth.