All your love~

     Hello, dear friends. I hope today finds you well. I just want to write a short note about the writing process. I have bi-polar disorder. I suppose sometimes I lose sight of the risks I take by bringing this up, because people have the habit of hearing that I have bi-polar and suddenly, all my reactions are judged by that metric. If I get excited, I must be manic. if I’m sad, I must be depressed. The reason I bring this up comes within the context of writing. Frustratingly, I haven’t been able to get much of any done this week. The post for tomorrow is mostly rough drafted, but it needs a lot of work. That, and the next week’s post hasn’t been edited and that’s mostly my fault as well.

     It’s so frustrating because I have the words here in my head rattling around, but I just can’t concentrate. I can’t focus and I’m such a failure for it. My wife is relying on me and I’m letting her down. I could be doing something else, but I can’t because I have to get some writing done. What exactly am I doing? Where did my day go? So I’ve been in a depressive cycle, but I don’t expect it to last long because I rapid cycle. We’re also taking our mouse Lorina in tomorrow to have her put to sleep. She has multiple rapid growing tumors, which grew far too quickly for her to be operated on. Just one more thing to deal with.

     I don’t want to ramble on too long. I just wanted to let you know that there might be a break on Second-Hand Rumors tomorrow. I will try like hell to get it out, but please don’t be mad if I don’t. You all mean so much to me. Thank you for coming and seeing me today. I’ll save a spot by the fire for you when you come back. My dear friends, thank you for being the amazing readers and friends that you are.

Jack and Stan~ Paranormal Publications

     Hello, dear friends. It’s been a few days since we last talked. I keep wanting to post on here every day and let you know what’s going on with my writing, but sometimes I feel like I have very little to tell you. For instance, I can give you the finalized list of all the things that will be in the first Jack and Stan book.

“One more night” Samantha Goodbody’s story
“Everything, just so”  Stanley Whitkin’s story
“Days Past Bye” Jack and Samantha Goodbody as kids
“Service without a smile” Madeline’s story
Goodbody Family tree
Goodbody Family History

     There’s a lot of writing that, as of now, I am refusing to redo until I can get access to it from the hard drive that was on my old laptop. When Second-Hand Goods is done, it will contain a family history for the Nair family. By the time Paranormal Cleaners is done, in an ideal world, you will have a family history for all five current families that comprise the so called nobility of the Mythic world. At that point, I’m going to start in on family histories for the supporting families. These are families that maintain their own houses and goals in support of the main family. The Goodbody family has five such families supporting them, some of which have been along for the ride since almost the very beginning.

     I also just wanted to take this opportunity again to say thank you for stopping by. I think I speak for anybody creative who creates, but you are what makes this work. The greatest fear I have is that this burning desire in me to tell stories will go unfulfilled. Am I a good storyteller? Am I good writer? Maybe everyone who works in a creative medium feels these fears just as much as I do, but all y’all seem to have it much better put together. I love it when you visit me here and I love knowing that my stories are being read. I truly hope you enjoy them, and know that I have an end goal in mind which will make the journey worth it. Please come again, and know that you are always welcome here, dear friend.


     Hello, dear friends. Please forgive my absence for the last few days. I’ve just been very excited and working hard! Second-Hand Goods and Paranormal Cleaners are in the process of re-editing and I’ve decided what the extra content will be for each book. Not as much as I had planned in the past, but I am so very excited. Each book will have a short story for four characters. I would like to add that I am willing to add others, simply make a request in the comments of either this or the chapters in the coming weeks. I will likely post a cut-off date, beyond which I will only consider the suggestions for the next books. The characters as they stand now are thus, for Paranormal Cleaners: Samantha Goodbody, Stanley Whitkins, Madeline the maid and one for Jack and Samantha as children. For Second-Hand Goods, Simon Nair, Jenny Rever, Charles Beaufort and…actually, I may be missing one there.

     You may have noticed that there’s a new tab up there, and that would be the promised Paranormal Cleaners part I. I will continue to make a tab for each one of the new books, for the time being, until I can figure out a better way to do it. In the process of posting some new stuff today, I learned some new things about this site and how to work it, almost through pure accident. I guess it’s just nice to see the story coming together and to feel excited about Jack and Stan again.

     As I lay in bed last night, I realized that Jack and Stan, and the whole story surrounding them, comes with some inherent flaws which have actually transferred to the stories around them as well. It all started with an idea for a series of five short stories based in the idea of someone who dealt with unworldly horrors as minor annoyances, rather then as serious threats. I thought this was fun, because despite my fascination with horror, I don’t really like the genre. Because of that, there can be a lack of tension in places since it’s just as much a comedic deconstruction of the genre as it is an actual horror in some places. I also decided to keep the viewpoint very closely focused on Jack, which means that many things happening behind the scenes will only be distantly glimpsed in the background for the time being. I like being able to decide when to pull the curtain back, but I am aware that this creates a feeling of isolation and disconnection from the villain, or that the series is very episodic. In the future, we will be seeing other perspectives to fill in some blanks, but that feeling of being disconnected is one that I am actively attempting to instill. Jack is disconnected from his family and the world he grew up in and this is my attempt to reflect that in the writing, along with my own personal ideals as a writer. Thank you, my dear friends, for coming and spending time with me. Please do come back again to spend more time with me.

Anniversary Note~

     Hello, dear friends. I’m sorry it’s been a few days since the last time we spoke. My two year anniversary with my wife was this Wednesday and then we both got sick. So exciting! Two years married to my best friend! So I have some bits of news to share, so exciting. First bit of news, I decided to do a little maintenance of the blog. The front page will be edited eventually as well, but the page which updates with each new chapter now has a new title. The Second-Hand Goods page is now the collected story as it is. This way, when you send newcomers to read my story a la fight club, they’ll have a place where they can read the whole story, in order, all at once. Now you’ll just have to worry about Second-Hand Rumors.

     Getting it to look pretty was a relatively consuming time process, though, so I will attempt to get to Paranormal Cleaners Part I today, but I make no promises. Given that the first two parts are now officially done, what’s to stop you from just reading it here and not supporting me via me Patreon or buying the books when they come out on Amazon? Well, for one, you’ll make my wife cry. Don’t make me upload a pic of my wife making a sad face. It’s my nuclear option, like adding a picture of a crying panda to all recyclables. There is another reason. Each book will have extra bits at the end. A short story, one family history and maybe a few other goodies. I really don’t like the idea of putting the book out without giving you a reason to read it. I’m not exactly certain what that story will be, though. I still need to pull the stuff from my previous hard drive.

     Anyways, as always dear friends, thank you for stopping by and spending some time with me. I look forward to your next visit, you are always welcome here.

Charles Beaufort~

     Hello, dear friends. I’m so excited because the post today introduces one of the mysteries that will likely hang over the story for quite a while. Longtime readers may remember Charles Beaufort, the serial killer with expensive tastes. He viewed murder as business and that’s how he supported himself and his collection. What I didn’t realize is that Charles Beaufort has now appeared in two separate stories, or will have by the end of today. Jack and Liam have very similar opinions of Charles, looking down on him for their own reasons. What was lost in me is the order that most of you, or some of you, will read his stuff out of order.

     I wrote his Jack and Stan chapter first, when I knew far less about him. I didn’t know that he was once attached to the Rever family, renowned as assassins. I only knew he had collected something Jack was tasked with taking by his father. I refuse to spoil anything, but I hope the Jack and Stan chapter leaves you with lingering doubts and questions. I’m having some real trouble with Second-Hand Rumors, whilst we’re on the subject of Liam. he tends to be no fun to write on many days, because he and I are very different. Liam is very mercenary and I tend to be more paragon. His interests are, thus far, entirely self-motivated, if you take my meaning.

     As always, thank you for stopping by. I cherish your visits, dear friend, whether you’re a long-time visitor or a first time guest. Thank you for spending some time with me.

Empty days, empty mind~

     Hello, dear friends. I must confess, I found myself thinking of you all a lot this last week. As the second part of Paranormal Cleaners starts to come out, the two stories I have been writing will begin to connect in more meaningful ways. They share a world and some characters will be crossing over soon, but I wanted them to feel disconnected. What’s difficult about writing Paranormal Cleaners is the main character. It’s easy to introduce things in a fantastical setting when you have a fish out of water character, but Jack doesn’t really qualify as such. He grew up in what qualified as nobility, and thus many things don’t need to be explained to him that do need to be explained to you, the readers. Of course, he did leave home at the age of seventeen. The event that immediately preceded this has been referenced several times. It was a hunting trip out to California with Jack, his father and his younger brother named Joseph. Joseph passed away during the trip, the events of which Jack currently has no memory.

     Right now, I’m looking at chapter 24 of Second-Hand Goods with the increasing realization that I’m going to have trouble with Second-Hand Rumors. I’ve been working on an application to tutor and sub at a nearby school as well, so that’s been taking up a sizable chunk of my time. Recently, my wife decided to look up pictures of my forebear, a man named William Sydney Porter, better known by his pen name, O’Henry. I look uncannily like him. Did I mention that I have no attention span to speak of? The first part of Paranormal Cleaners is being third time around edited, or at least it will be soon. It will contain some supplementary materials that you might like to read. One of the things I plan on including is a brief history of the Goodbody family and of the Five Families. I do not personally believe that they are completely needed to understand the story thus far, but they wouldn’t hurt either.

     Other than that, this week has mostly been devoted to job hunting and getting over a persistent long-term cold. I just wanted to write to you all, dear readers, and let you know how much I appreciate your company. I called this page the tale spinner’s hearth, because this is my little online inn where you can come and visit and spend a few hours reading the yarns that I spin. Please come back again soon. I will save a chair by the fireplace just for you.

On days like this~

     Hello, dear friends. I just thought I would write a short note to let you all know how the writing is going. Today, I rewrote a large portion of chapter 36. The original version of the chapter was cleaning a cabin that was a parody of the cabin from the first Evil Dead film. Some small elements from that may remain, but I decided that since the chapters immediately preceding it are stand-alone and not really connected to the overarching story, it might be better to try and keep more on track. With that in mind, the second two chapters of that arc need to be entirely rewritten and drafted. Thankfully, I have a goodly sized head start so if I work on it a little bit every day, then I should be able to keep ahead of things.

     Chapter 24 of Second-Hand Goods has been drafted and redrafted. I’m not sure I’m happy with it. It works well enough, but why would you ever be alright with well enough when you could do better? I may look it over again tomorrow and see if I can hammer it into better shape. I looked at chapter 1 for Second-Hand Rumors again. I think I wrote one sentence and then saved the document. I’m taking the Goethe approach to this chapter apparently.

     In personal news, my wife and I have adopted two new mice. Their names are Beatrix and Clothilde. They are white mice, but one of them will likely develop some nice markings. We’re in the process of integrating them with their new sisters. There’s been some incidents, but we’re mostly doing alright. With the arrival of 2018 comes new stresses, and to wrap this up I would beg you to consider supporting my work by giving to me Patreon. I know, I’m asking that after I just had an enormous hiatus, but I figure nothing ventured, nothing gained. Know that if you only read my stories, I greatly appreciate the time you spend here. Please come and visit again.