A note from the fireside~ 7/1/18

     Hello, dear friends. I hope you’ve had a good week. I’ve got a lot to say this week. Let’s start with the professional bits, and then I have a few personal things to say. I had a chapter of Rumors ready this Friday, but for various reasons I couldn’t get it edited until today. This is the last arc for Rumors, before moving into Second-Hand Lives. We’re definitely going to see a lot of characters to this point. I’m looking forward to the ending, because I get to showcase Liam’s growth as a character. The last couple of chapters especially are going to be a roller coaster ride. Cleaners continues it’s arc this next week. I’m reluctant to say anything about that, because it’s got some…fun things coming down the line. The end of that arc will see the return of another Goodbody, Julian. I’m quite fond of Julian, because he gets along with Jack and even Samantha quite well, though she would be loath to admit it.

     This marks the end of the first week out of our first cycle. Four more weeks to go, then we’ll take a week break. I have some things planned for that break, so here’s hoping I can kick butt over the next week. I want to actually start writing the Total War series, though I have some questions about how well that story will work for completely unrelated reasons. I’m not sure how many of my regular visitors are American, but this next week is 4th of July set of all the fireworks week. This shouldn’t affect our writing schedule, but I will post on Facebook if it does.

     Still not sure what to do about our Patreon. Should I leave it dead? Should I bring it back? It’s been so fruitless a venture. If you have any thoughts, let us know. It’s been a hard week, because we lost one of our mice, Lottie. She was the biggest sweetheart, who loved to be petted. She would nuzzle her head up against my thumb when I stopped petting her. Losing a pet is so very hard, so I’m grateful for your visit. You help me and my wife get through the hard times. I missed you this last week, and I look forward to your visit next week. I’ll be counting down the days while I work on the coming chapters. Please do come again to see me and my wife. I’ll save your chair by the hearth, right where you left it. You have a home here, dear friend.

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