A note from the fireside~ 6/25/18

     Hello, dear friends. It’s been a very long week off. I missed you all a lot, and I have a few things to mention. Unfortunately, I almost forgot about this because the last couple of days have been busy, messy and frustrating. Good news first. There should be a chapter of Cleaners tomorrow, posted by 5pm. It’s mostly drafted out at this point, and the opening of the story has been flowing really well. This is a mega-arc which will end part 2 and lead into part 3. Second-Hand Rumors should also be out on time. I’m going to be using my renewed vigor and energy to try and up my writing game. Writing week to week gives you a ton of respect for manga artists and writers, who have to keep a schedule or their fans will lynch them and their editors. I’m glad I have the fans I have. I’m so glad you’re here, even after a week off and a late weekend update.

     Second-Hand Rumors also goes into it’s final arc for the part before leading into Second-Hand Lives. It’s not as long an arc, but it’s going to have a doozy of a conclusion. Expect to see some old faces show up again. The Dirt Gremlins are going to make a show stopping appearance as well. Second-Hand Lives will mark the completion of Liam’s story, and it will lead directly into the next set of stories. I consider Paranormal Cleaners to be the main storyline, and it is ultimately on a collision course with those characters in New York City. The difficulty right now is going to be the end of Paranormal Cleaners part 2. In order to make this current storyline work, I had to take an arc from the sequel set of stories, strip it down and rebuild it to suit my purpose. I’m not really sure how much retrofitting I need to do.

     This last week was a bit of a wake up call as well. My Patreon deactivated, I assume because it had been about a year and I was getting zero patronage from people. I’m not sure I can blame them. I’m not sure what I could have done. Maybe it’s because I always considered Patreon to be a shot in the dark? I certainly didn’t spend enough time on there to convince people I would be around. It make me think a lot about my writing and what I want to do with it. It motivated me to improve for you and start trying to be more systematic about my editing and writing. I guess it’s just depressing that I’ve been working on this story for years, and I feel like I have little to show for it. Now I’m just complaining, so I’ll wrap up by mentioning a few more small details. This next week will begin our first official cycle of five weeks on and one week off. Depending on how well my writing goes over the summer, there may or may not be a period of break in December, as there was last year, because my wife works at a bakery.

     I guess the best way to end this is by saying thank you for your visit. You are the oasis of hope in the desert of hopelessness which writing can feel like. I like forward to seeing you next week, and I hope you enjoy the stories to come. Please, pull up a chair and stay for a bit. When you leave, I’ll save your seat right by the fire where you left it.

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