A note from the fireside~ 6/10/18

     Hello, dear friends. Oh lord, have I missed you this week. I am so excited! I have a few important things to tell you. I meant to post on my author’s page on Facebook about this, but it’s been a doozy of a week. I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long. The first set of Cleaners chapter rewrites is done! This is the most important set of rewrites! The other ones will roll out slowly as the weeks go by, but most of them are cosmetic changes, or things that needed to happen story wise. With chapter 18 up, I can now officially focus on chapter 41 and wrap that up. I wouldn’t expect it to be up tomorrow, but Wednesday is a hopeful day. Given that I am aiming for every part to be 24 chapters long, to give each story some regularity, that leaves 7 chapters until the end of part 2 for Paranormal Cleaners. Hold on to your butts, cause it’s going to be a very bumpy ride. The opening of part 3 will be especially fun once we get there.

This week in Second-Hand Rumors is a little slower, and I would like to explain some of my logic on this chapter with you. Liam, being a thief, spy and general ne-er do well, doesn’t get a lot of good things in his life. This chapter ended up being a little light on substance because of that. I realized that, between Jack and Liam, you get a lot of darkness and sometimes, it’s nice to inject a little light into a story. Hence, a rare display of Jack’s personal kindness in chapter 18 when he left a family in the best shape he could, and Liam visiting a part of the Mythic world that isn’t a complete mess. That’s not to say it is without suffering, but I am happy I got to share a bit of my lighter side with you.

Next week, we are visiting the Gnome village, which has been referenced a couple of times. The design I had in my head was quite nice, so I hope it translates to the page. I might wrap up this arc early, rather than drag it out too long. The other reason I wanted a breather was because the last arc for Second-Hand Rumors is going to be a doozy. Expect lots of high octane Dirt Gremlin espionage action, and one of the most climactic fight scenes we’ve had yet. I’ve been looking forward to this part, because it helps bring Liam a little further on thematically. I am, admittedly, worried about the end of part 3. I feel like I’m headed in the right direction, but you should never write a story based entirely on themes, in my opinion. I’m not saying give the fans exactly what they want all the time, because sometimes I don’t know what I want until I have it. I’m just saying I care about you all. When you’re done reading a completed story of mine, I want you to be happy, crying, exhausted and fulfilled. If I can give you any of those feelings, I will have succeeded in my own purpose on this Earth. Also, I really like Dr. Brown as a throwaway character. He’s coming back for sure.

I’m so glad you came back for another week. My humble hearth just wouldn’t be the same without you. Please come again next week, dear friends. I will save your seat right by the fire.


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