A note from the fireside~ 6/3/18

     Hello, dear friends. I’m about ready to dance for joy! I just can’t help it, I am so freaking excited! I’ve got some fun news to share with you all. Firstly, I just sent my wife chapter 17 of Paranormal Cleaners. In an ideal world, it will be up later on today. Chapter 17 is the second to last chapter of the first replacement arc. I mentioned this awhile ago, but I wanted to replace some arcs over the course of the story which were a little too indulgent in terms of pacing. I’m not getting rid of those arcs, but they are certainly going to be rewritten and put somewhere more useful. My wife suggested extra book chapters, and I’m not against that, but we’ll see how it goes.

Worrying about rewriting four chapters has made it incredibly difficult to focus on getting new chapters out, and I didn’t want to post the next chapter of Cleaners until this first rewrite was over. That means next week, we will have one more chapter of retro-cleaners and then I can safely post chapter 41, long awaited I hope. I’m sorry to make you wait so long, but it wouldn’t have made as much sense as it will now. In Second-Hand Rumors, we just wrapped up our current arc yesterday, and we’ll be moving on to the second to last arc in this part this next week. I’m trying for around 24 chapters, that seems to be the sweet spot for me. Once Second-Hand Rumors is over, Second-Hand Lives will begin after a week’s break. I think that week may very well start my proposed five weeks on, one week off deal as well. I hate making you all wait, but I hope that by taking a week off on occasion it will give me time to work on other projects and pace myself better. Me pacing myself means better stories for you!

Meanwhile, on the Patreon front, I scheduled a bunch of posts and shot them off. My schedule has been so strange lately. I’m not exactly what you would call a morning person, so it’s been hard to get used to working as a sub. Thankfully, or perhaps not, it was pretty quiet this last week, so I was able to get some more work done than usual. I spent a lot of my week thinking about you, and about how to promote my little tale-spinner’s hearth as a community. I haven’t come to any conclusions yet, but know that you all are on my mind as the week goes by. I’ve had some super fun ideas to bat around with the wife, challenges and rewards and whatnot, but I think the first thing I need to do is get my posting schedule in order. I’ve also been working on Siren’s Cove, doing more world building and planning out the opening cycles for one character. It’s taken a lot of time, but I think it will pay massive dividends before too long.

     Thank you, as always, for coming to visit me. I appreciate your time so much, and I hope you come back to see me again soon. I’ll save your seat by the hearth, just like I always do.


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