A note from the fireside~ 5/20/18

     Hello, dear friends. I’ve missed you this last week, mostly because it’s been quite exhausting. Let me fill you in on what I’ve been working on and some plans that I’ve been milling over. There was no chapter for Cleaners this last week, because we’re still in replacement mode. Chapter 15 for Paranormal Cleaners has been replaced. I’ve been working on chapter 16 today, and if I have some time tomorrow I can replace that chapter tomorrow or Wednesday. The Second-Hand Rumors chapter was late again, and I’m sorry for that. I’ve been trying to balance two jobs and writing. Not that I’m working full time, I’m just mentally exhausted right now. Second-Hand Rumors ended on a major cliff-hanger this week. Next week, the fireworks will go off and Liam will find himself in the middle of a pretty chaotic situation.

     I’m working on a better writing schedule, something I can stick too. Every week, I fail. Every week, I tweak it a little more to try and figure out how to get it to work better. Here’s hoping that this week will be the one that works out. I’ve realized that I have two avenues to connect with you that I’m not taking full advantage of, and I would like to briefly talk about my plans here. I will put up an extra post in the middle of the week with a link to my author’s page, which I want to tweak a bit. I also will start posting again my Patreon this last week, until I am caught up with the current story in Cleaners and Second-Hand Goods/Rumors. I want be able to connect with you all in the middle of the work, or if I experience any unexpected delays. I figure my author’s page is a good way to deal with those situations.

     In the next few weeks, the first major rewrite section will be done. Once it’s done, I can then shift my attention to finishing the current arc in Paranormal Cleaners. Here’s hoping to a good couple of weeks. Thank you, as always, for your visit to my humble inn. I truly appreciate your visit and your stay. Please do come again next week, I’ll save your seat right by my hearth.


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