A note from the fireside~ 5/13/18

     Hello, dear friends. It’s a bit nice, isn’t it? My trip with my wife was totally worth it. I’m vaguely thinking of telling you about it in a series of posts, but I don’t want to bog the feed down. I may just settle for posting some pictures of the mice we bought while we were out there. I hated leaving you, but this last week has been exhausting. I wanted to let you know what we’ve got cooking. I’m hoping we can get a handle on things before too long.

I’m sorry for the continued delay of new Paranormal Cleaners chapters. I have to finish this set, at least, before I can even start to work on the next bit. That series will end part 2 when it does come out. I’ve replaced chapter 14. If everything goes according to plan, chapter 15 will get replaced this week and there will be a chapter 13 for Second-Hand Rumors. This last chapter felt…off to me somehow. My wife liked it, and some of you did too, but it felt off to me. I wonder why that is? I really like the end of the next chapter for Cleaners, though. I like those moments when I get to be silly and subtle all at the same time.

I’m excited about one more thing. I’ve finally settled my income driven payment plan for my loan, because I am poor as dirt. With that out of the way, I should have more time for writing. That is, I do have more time for writing, but my brain don’t work so good. I’m having a very hard time focusing on anything for long, and though there are reasons for that, I’m hoping I can sort it soon. I’ve got a few things lined up, once I can focus and I have more time. I’m proctoring AP tests over the next week and subbing is back in action, as well as paper delivery. I am a man of many tiny hats. All I can say is welcome back home, dear friends. Please come again and share some of your time with me. Your visits mean everything to us. I’ll be sure to save you a chair, right  by the fire.

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