A note from the fireside~ 5/6/18

     Hello, dear friends. Oh, how I’ve missed you this last week. It’s been such a long one, too. Not bad, certainly, but very long. I’ve been telling people that’s what happens when you go back to the homeland. So many people want to see you. So many people want to spend time with you. I just want to say right off the bat that I’m sorry I’ve been absent. I meant to post on the Friday before we left, but that ended up being a laundry day. Can you forgive me for being away?

     That being said, you will be pleased to hear that we should be  back to some semblance of normality this next week. I do have a rough drafted chapter for Second-Hand Rumors. Liam is going to be working on hunting down this band of killers for the next few weeks. This next post, you get to meet one of my favorite characters thus far. No spoilers, but trust me, he was worth the wait in my opinion. I also worked my ass of this week, getting chapters prepped for the great journey. You see, I want to get the next official chapter of Cleaners up as soon as I can, but I really need to post the first set of replacement chapters. Without looking, it’s chapters 14–19 or so that need to be replaced. I might need to add a chapter at the end, to make it feel fleshed out enough. I need to get this done, because there are characters in the next chapter who will be reacting to stuff that happened in the replacement chapters.

That pretty much covers that stuff. I would also like to apologize to anyone reading on Patreon. I have a nasty habit of vanishing without a trace, and I would like to say sorry if I spooked you. The chapters I was working on this last week will cover it. Oh yeah, and we’re driving back home Monday and Tuesday, so the Cleaners chapter will likely be out Wednesday at the earliest. One more thing to mention. My wife and I have been discussing what to do with the side chapters. My thought was to put them on the blog, in reconstituted form. She wants to save them for books. I’m not going to hold them for hostage, because I love youse guys too much, but I will say this. It will be an easier sell to my wife if this blog, through the Patreon, were making some money. I would rather just post it here. I may do it either way. It reminds me of a quote from a character in this series, “Honey is best for attracting flies, but vinegar works just as well for drowning them.” Guess who that quote is and win a post card from a character of your choice.

     This hearth has been so empty. I’ve truly missed you all. Thank you for stopping by, as always, and welcome home. We are now back open for business. Please pull up a chair and rest for a bit. The stories are coming home.

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