A note from the fireside~ 4/22/18

     Hello, dear friends. Is it strange to say that I’ve missed you? I spend so much of my week thinking of you, since so much of my time goes into writing.  I hope you enjoyed the last chapter of Paranormal Cleaners. It’s definitely one of those points which shifts the world for Jack Goodbody. The original plan was to resolve it before the end of this book, but I wanted to play a slightly longer game with this one. Please forgive me for my chronic inability to get a Second-Hand Rumors chapter out on time. I feel so awful every day I’m late. I wrote till around 1am last night, once I had some free time. I just ended up writing the opening over and over.

     I have a lot of news this week. I’m wondering if I mentioned this before, but the last week of April and the opening week of May, I will be on vacation, of sorts. That week will be taken off, so I can get some work done. Recently I had the good fortune of getting some advice from a fan. Having thought over that advice, Paranormal Cleaners is getting a major overhaul, and I mean major. Chapters 14-18 will be getting entirely rewritten. Chapters 19-20 will be getting an extension and a revamp. Chapter 28-29 will be getting revamped, and there will be an additional fight scene at the end of the Charles Beaufort arc. Chapters 30-33 are being replaced entirely.

     As you can imagine, that’s an enormous amount of work that I’m proposing, but it gets worse. I don’t want those stories to go away, so they are also being revamped to act as side stories. I have no idea when this project will end, but I plan on getting a metric ton of writing done. With that looming on the foreground, I guess I found it a bit difficult to focus on Second-Hand Rumors this week. It’s mostly a setup chapter, but I think it will lead into a really good arc. I’ve got some idea where I’m going, as I usually do when it comes to Liam, though he does surprise me sometimes.

     Sometimes, I think I’m fighting an impossible fight here. You start writing a story, you have no idea whether it’s going to succeed, but you pour so much of your heart into it that you have to keep going. Realizing that your baby has some major flaws that can, and should, be addressed can be distressing. What keeps me going is you. Writing for you matters to me because you matter. Since I want to revamp things, there will be no Paranormal Cleaners this Monday, meaning Cleaners will be going on a two week hiatus. Hopefully, by the time the week after that rolls around, I will at least have worked out some of the kinks and will be able to post the revised chapter 41, as it currently stands. There may be new chapters up, on top of replacements. As always, thank you for coming to my hearth and stopping by for some tales and companionship. You lighten my doorstep with your presence. Please visit again soon. I’ll be sure to keep your chair open, right by the hearth.

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