A note from the fireside~ 4/8/18

     Hello, dear friends. Welcome back to my humble on-line home. I missed youse guys. So let’s talk stories. Paranormal Cleaners is going to be on its current arc for the next three or four weeks, maybe longer. The problem is that the planned ending I had for the second part of Cleaners had to be entirely removed. That left me with the problem of what to replace it with, which I think I have some ideas. I don’t want to talk about that too much yet, because with the benefit of hindsight I think I spoiled some of the coming chapters. I guess that’s what I get for trying to get you all hyped up for what’s to come.

     Liam’s current story will also last another two weeks or so, and I’m excited for some of the character that will be showing up there. Some of them are old friends and some of them are newer ones. Once we’re done that arc, we’re going back to a more regular Liam story. Liam has certainly grown this last part, though I hope his growth hasn’t been too jarring. I like Liam enough to want the ending of his story to be happy. The more time I spend with Liam, the more I realize how empty he was before he met Simon. He talks about thieving to fulfill day to day wants and needs. He never really thought about tomorrow. This current arc will tie directly into the ending of his story. The last part is definitively Second-Hand Lives.

     On a more technical note this week, I’ve spent the last few days drastically changing my Patreon around. Here is a link to my rather lengthy and rambling post there. It’s got some links to this blog that you can probably safely ignore.


     At the end of the day, I would consider this blog and my patreon to be, more or less, a failure at this point. The realization that I set up my patreon a year go and have yet to get a single Patron was a little shocking, because I tend to forget that I set my patreon up sooner than my WordPress attached to it. Once I did start this WordPress, my patreon sort of fell by the wayside. I guess I can hardly blame people for not wanting to pony up cash for their absentee landlord. There are a lot of other little problems I had, which became bigger problems the more I thought about them. I covered most of them in my Patreon post, but some of them apply to the WordPress as well. I didn’t like that my WordPress had a different name than my Patreon. I didn’t like many of the technical aspects of my Patreon, like the goals or rewards. Those still need fixing. I also don’t like the Patreon page here, or my homepage as of now. These will also get changed in the coming weeks.

     I won’t lie to you. I write because I want to make money to support myself and my wife. We’ve had a rough road, but we keep trying to make our dream of a place we can call our own come true. Living in my parents basement wasn’t exactly that dream. I’m looking for work as well, so it’s not as though I’m putting all my eggs in one basket here. I guess sometimes it just feels like we don’t have a basket to put eggs in. What I realized as I thought about Patreon and WordPress was that first and foremost, I wanted to build a community. I want to make money, sure. I want to make people happy with my writing more. I want you to be happy with what I write. I want to have my finger on the pulse of my audience, learning how to become a better writer for you. That’s why I called my blog the Tale-Spinner’s Hearth, because this is my home. It’s my home and you are my welcome guests. Please come back soon. I’ll have your chair saved next to the fire, right where you left it. Thank you for reading my stories.


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