A note from the fireside~ 4/1/18

     Hello, dear friends. Welcome back to my fireside, I have some news for you. Work continues on the next couple of side bits. I’ve been struggling with writer’s block lately, especially when it comes to those and to Liam for some reason. Chapter 8 for Second-Hand Rumors has been done since yesterday, but the wife was cooking up a storm. She may very well be able to get to it today, so here’s hoping. It’s a chapter where Liam is at his most…Liamest…but it is a set-up chapter for things to come. Liam’s story tends to flow from one thing to the next, whereas Jack’s story is much more episodic. I’m not sure how I feel about that, it’s just how it ended up. I’ve also been working a little on Siren’s Cover, the major story I’ll be working on once this set of stories is over. I promise, I haven’t been working on it much. Just doing some world building and some prep-work.

     The story after Second-Hand Rumors is going to be Second-Hand Lives, and that will be Liam’s last story. The ending is already done in my head, it’s just a matter of getting there from here. That story will coincide with the end of Paranormal Cleaners. In place of Liam, there will be another side-story with an as yet unnamed character. I know that it will be called “Five-Dollar Killer” and it will be about a person who takes out bad people for a sum of only five dollars. That will take place along-side the sequel series, Paranormal Repossession, which will feature Jack and his stalwart companion Stan finding objects which shouldn’t fall into mortal hands and bringing them home.

     I’ve been thinking about how best to engage with my small, but hopefully growing, community. One of the ideas I had was to give backgrounds on minor characters or places which we’ve seen. Obviously, the Five Families themselves will be in the books, but I was hoping to look at some characters like Madeline. If you like this, or have any other ideas, please let me know. I think two chapters a week is about the maximum we can get in, unless I can find someone else to edit for me. The Second-Hand Rumors chapter should be up today, and with any luck the Paranormal Cleaners chapter should be up on time. The last few chapters, as I think I’ve stated, required massive rewrites. I liked the way it turned out. Once this next set of chapters is done, I’m headed into unknown territory. The original last set of chapters have been entirely stripped from the record for a variety of reasons, which I will touch upon either next week, or the week after, once this next set of chapters has begun. Thank you, dear friends, for visiting with me. You are what keeps me going every week, along with my wife. Please come and visit again soon. I will keep your chair open for you, right by the hearth.

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