We write, or else we asplode~

     Hello, dear friends. Please forgive my absence this previous week, as well as the short size of the Paranormal Cleaners post on Monday. I’ve had a few crisis level problems to take care of, not the least of which is my current student loan situation. I  wanted to write today to talk about a few things related to my own writing.

     Firstly, editing continues on the first book front. It’s about two thirds done at this point, and I have rough drafted one of the bonus features. I guess now that the editing is moving forward again, I have to get moving on the other parts. In terms of concept, at least, I am very excited to share them with you when I can finally get around to publishing my book. Here, I was hoping to have a birthday present for myself. It looks like that won’t be the case, however. Second-Hand Rumors continues to be the biggest pain in the ass I have ever written. I have no idea why, but Liam is sometimes very hard to write. Here’s hoping today’s session goes better then yesterday. His story gets increasingly more important as time goes on, so I really have to stick the landing on this one. Once Second-Hand Rumors is done, in an idea world, we will leave Liam alone for a bit. His third story, tentatively titled “Second-Hand Lives” takes place after a certain amount of time has passed. I can push it up, if there are requests, but there are other things.

     You might have noticed that there is a tab up on the top of the website that remains unused, that Total War Rebel Tales thing. I’m fascinated by Total War as a game series, which for those of you who don’t know, is a grand strategy game where you take control of a faction during the Medieval Period and attempt to take over the world. In these stories, I chose five cities under the normally unplayable rebel faction and decided to write stories about them. In characteristic fashion, I overstepped my abilities, so I had to limit myself to one city for a point of view character. Those other five cities will get highlighted more than other cities or factions, but there were other technical difficulties. I am treating each city as its own faction, but in reality the rebels are all one faction. That being the case, I am cheating mercilessly for more money and calculating how much money each city/castle makes each turn.

    Having worked the kings out, I am attempting to get to turn 50, and then I will begin writing. There are a myriad of other restrictions and rules, which I will post in great detail once I begin writing the series. Thank you, dear friends, for stopping by and listening to my stories. I will always keep a chair open by my hearth for you. Please come again. I eagerly await your return.