All your love~

     Hello, dear friends. I hope today finds you well. I just want to write a short note about the writing process. I have bi-polar disorder. I suppose sometimes I lose sight of the risks I take by bringing this up, because people have the habit of hearing that I have bi-polar and suddenly, all my reactions are judged by that metric. If I get excited, I must be manic. if I’m sad, I must be depressed. The reason I bring this up comes within the context of writing. Frustratingly, I haven’t been able to get much of any done this week. The post for tomorrow is mostly rough drafted, but it needs a lot of work. That, and the next week’s post hasn’t been edited and that’s mostly my fault as well.

     It’s so frustrating because I have the words here in my head rattling around, but I just can’t concentrate. I can’t focus and I’m such a failure for it. My wife is relying on me and I’m letting her down. I could be doing something else, but I can’t because I have to get some writing done. What exactly am I doing? Where did my day go? So I’ve been in a depressive cycle, but I don’t expect it to last long because I rapid cycle. We’re also taking our mouse Lorina in tomorrow to have her put to sleep. She has multiple rapid growing tumors, which grew far too quickly for her to be operated on. Just one more thing to deal with.

     I don’t want to ramble on too long. I just wanted to let you know that there might be a break on Second-Hand Rumors tomorrow. I will try like hell to get it out, but please don’t be mad if I don’t. You all mean so much to me. Thank you for coming and seeing me today. I’ll save a spot by the fire for you when you come back. My dear friends, thank you for being the amazing readers and friends that you are.

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