Jack and Stan~ Paranormal Publications

     Hello, dear friends. It’s been a few days since we last talked. I keep wanting to post on here every day and let you know what’s going on with my writing, but sometimes I feel like I have very little to tell you. For instance, I can give you the finalized list of all the things that will be in the first Jack and Stan book.

“One more night” Samantha Goodbody’s story
“Everything, just so”  Stanley Whitkin’s story
“Days Past Bye” Jack and Samantha Goodbody as kids
“Service without a smile” Madeline’s story
Goodbody Family tree
Goodbody Family History

     There’s a lot of writing that, as of now, I am refusing to redo until I can get access to it from the hard drive that was on my old laptop. When Second-Hand Goods is done, it will contain a family history for the Nair family. By the time Paranormal Cleaners is done, in an ideal world, you will have a family history for all five current families that comprise the so called nobility of the Mythic world. At that point, I’m going to start in on family histories for the supporting families. These are families that maintain their own houses and goals in support of the main family. The Goodbody family has five such families supporting them, some of which have been along for the ride since almost the very beginning.

     I also just wanted to take this opportunity again to say thank you for stopping by. I think I speak for anybody creative who creates, but you are what makes this work. The greatest fear I have is that this burning desire in me to tell stories will go unfulfilled. Am I a good storyteller? Am I good writer? Maybe everyone who works in a creative medium feels these fears just as much as I do, but all y’all seem to have it much better put together. I love it when you visit me here and I love knowing that my stories are being read. I truly hope you enjoy them, and know that I have an end goal in mind which will make the journey worth it. Please come again, and know that you are always welcome here, dear friend.


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