Hello, dear friends. Please forgive my absence for the last few days. I’ve just been very excited and working hard! Second-Hand Goods and Paranormal Cleaners are in the process of re-editing and I’ve decided what the extra content will be for each book. Not as much as I had planned in the past, but I am so very excited. Each book will have a short story for four characters. I would like to add that I am willing to add others, simply make a request in the comments of either this or the chapters in the coming weeks. I will likely post a cut-off date, beyond which I will only consider the suggestions for the next books. The characters as they stand now are thus, for Paranormal Cleaners: Samantha Goodbody, Stanley Whitkins, Madeline the maid and one for Jack and Samantha as children. For Second-Hand Goods, Simon Nair, Jenny Rever, Charles Beaufort and…actually, I may be missing one there.

     You may have noticed that there’s a new tab up there, and that would be the promised Paranormal Cleaners part I. I will continue to make a tab for each one of the new books, for the time being, until I can figure out a better way to do it. In the process of posting some new stuff today, I learned some new things about this site and how to work it, almost through pure accident. I guess it’s just nice to see the story coming together and to feel excited about Jack and Stan again.

     As I lay in bed last night, I realized that Jack and Stan, and the whole story surrounding them, comes with some inherent flaws which have actually transferred to the stories around them as well. It all started with an idea for a series of five short stories based in the idea of someone who dealt with unworldly horrors as minor annoyances, rather then as serious threats. I thought this was fun, because despite my fascination with horror, I don’t really like the genre. Because of that, there can be a lack of tension in places since it’s just as much a comedic deconstruction of the genre as it is an actual horror in some places. I also decided to keep the viewpoint very closely focused on Jack, which means that many things happening behind the scenes will only be distantly glimpsed in the background for the time being. I like being able to decide when to pull the curtain back, but I am aware that this creates a feeling of isolation and disconnection from the villain, or that the series is very episodic. In the future, we will be seeing other perspectives to fill in some blanks, but that feeling of being disconnected is one that I am actively attempting to instill. Jack is disconnected from his family and the world he grew up in and this is my attempt to reflect that in the writing, along with my own personal ideals as a writer. Thank you, my dear friends, for coming and spending time with me. Please do come back again to spend more time with me.


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