Anniversary Note~

     Hello, dear friends. I’m sorry it’s been a few days since the last time we spoke. My two year anniversary with my wife was this Wednesday and then we both got sick. So exciting! Two years married to my best friend! So I have some bits of news to share, so exciting. First bit of news, I decided to do a little maintenance of the blog. The front page will be edited eventually as well, but the page which updates with each new chapter now has a new title. The Second-Hand Goods page is now the collected story as it is. This way, when you send newcomers to read my story a la fight club, they’ll have a place where they can read the whole story, in order, all at once. Now you’ll just have to worry about Second-Hand Rumors.

     Getting it to look pretty was a relatively consuming time process, though, so I will attempt to get to Paranormal Cleaners Part I today, but I make no promises. Given that the first two parts are now officially done, what’s to stop you from just reading it here and not supporting me via me Patreon or buying the books when they come out on Amazon? Well, for one, you’ll make my wife cry. Don’t make me upload a pic of my wife making a sad face. It’s my nuclear option, like adding a picture of a crying panda to all recyclables. There is another reason. Each book will have extra bits at the end. A short story, one family history and maybe a few other goodies. I really don’t like the idea of putting the book out without giving you a reason to read it. I’m not exactly certain what that story will be, though. I still need to pull the stuff from my previous hard drive.

     Anyways, as always dear friends, thank you for stopping by and spending some time with me. I look forward to your next visit, you are always welcome here.


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