Charles Beaufort~

     Hello, dear friends. I’m so excited because the post today introduces one of the mysteries that will likely hang over the story for quite a while. Longtime readers may remember Charles Beaufort, the serial killer with expensive tastes. He viewed murder as business and that’s how he supported himself and his collection. What I didn’t realize is that Charles Beaufort has now appeared in two separate stories, or will have by the end of today. Jack and Liam have very similar opinions of Charles, looking down on him for their own reasons. What was lost in me is the order that most of you, or some of you, will read his stuff out of order.

     I wrote his Jack and Stan chapter first, when I knew far less about him. I didn’t know that he was once attached to the Rever family, renowned as assassins. I only knew he had collected something Jack was tasked with taking by his father. I refuse to spoil anything, but I hope the Jack and Stan chapter leaves you with lingering doubts and questions. I’m having some real trouble with Second-Hand Rumors, whilst we’re on the subject of Liam. he tends to be no fun to write on many days, because he and I are very different. Liam is very mercenary and I tend to be more paragon. His interests are, thus far, entirely self-motivated, if you take my meaning.

     As always, thank you for stopping by. I cherish your visits, dear friend, whether you’re a long-time visitor or a first time guest. Thank you for spending some time with me.


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