Empty days, empty mind~

     Hello, dear friends. I must confess, I found myself thinking of you all a lot this last week. As the second part of Paranormal Cleaners starts to come out, the two stories I have been writing will begin to connect in more meaningful ways. They share a world and some characters will be crossing over soon, but I wanted them to feel disconnected. What’s difficult about writing Paranormal Cleaners is the main character. It’s easy to introduce things in a fantastical setting when you have a fish out of water character, but Jack doesn’t really qualify as such. He grew up in what qualified as nobility, and thus many things don’t need to be explained to him that do need to be explained to you, the readers. Of course, he did leave home at the age of seventeen. The event that immediately preceded this has been referenced several times. It was a hunting trip out to California with Jack, his father and his younger brother named Joseph. Joseph passed away during the trip, the events of which Jack currently has no memory.

     Right now, I’m looking at chapter 24 of Second-Hand Goods with the increasing realization that I’m going to have trouble with Second-Hand Rumors. I’ve been working on an application to tutor and sub at a nearby school as well, so that’s been taking up a sizable chunk of my time. Recently, my wife decided to look up pictures of my forebear, a man named William Sydney Porter, better known by his pen name, O’Henry. I look uncannily like him. Did I mention that I have no attention span to speak of? The first part of Paranormal Cleaners is being third time around edited, or at least it will be soon. It will contain some supplementary materials that you might like to read. One of the things I plan on including is a brief history of the Goodbody family and of the Five Families. I do not personally believe that they are completely needed to understand the story thus far, but they wouldn’t hurt either.

     Other than that, this week has mostly been devoted to job hunting and getting over a persistent long-term cold. I just wanted to write to you all, dear readers, and let you know how much I appreciate your company. I called this page the tale spinner’s hearth, because this is my little online inn where you can come and visit and spend a few hours reading the yarns that I spin. Please come back again soon. I will save a chair by the fireplace just for you.


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