On days like this~

     Hello, dear friends. I just thought I would write a short note to let you all know how the writing is going. Today, I rewrote a large portion of chapter 36. The original version of the chapter was cleaning a cabin that was a parody of the cabin from the first Evil Dead film. Some small elements from that may remain, but I decided that since the chapters immediately preceding it are stand-alone and not really connected to the overarching story, it might be better to try and keep more on track. With that in mind, the second two chapters of that arc need to be entirely rewritten and drafted. Thankfully, I have a goodly sized head start so if I work on it a little bit every day, then I should be able to keep ahead of things.

     Chapter 24 of Second-Hand Goods has been drafted and redrafted. I’m not sure I’m happy with it. It works well enough, but why would you ever be alright with well enough when you could do better? I may look it over again tomorrow and see if I can hammer it into better shape. I looked at chapter 1 for Second-Hand Rumors again. I think I wrote one sentence and then saved the document. I’m taking the Goethe approach to this chapter apparently.

     In personal news, my wife and I have adopted two new mice. Their names are Beatrix and Clothilde. They are white mice, but one of them will likely develop some nice markings. We’re in the process of integrating them with their new sisters. There’s been some incidents, but we’re mostly doing alright. With the arrival of 2018 comes new stresses, and to wrap this up I would beg you to consider supporting my work by giving to me Patreon. I know, I’m asking that after I just had an enormous hiatus, but I figure nothing ventured, nothing gained. Know that if you only read my stories, I greatly appreciate the time you spend here. Please come and visit again.


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