And now our break ends~

     Hello, everyone! It’s been a long time since we last chatted, and I mean a long time. It’s been so long that I’m legitimately afraid to find out how long. My wife and I are getting back into action and since today is the first day of 2018, we thought we would kick things off proper with a post and this little note. Once again, I want to say that I’m sorry we had to leave. My stuff needs to be edited and since my wife edits for me, we had to take a break. She could hardly keep up the holiday hours and also edit for me. We had hoped to build up a back log, but she was really quite busy.

     I hope you all enjoyed your New Year’s celebrations and that this morning found you not too hung over. I missed you all so very much. Let me tell you what’s coming down the line. Obviously, we’re going to keep posting for Second-Hand Goods and Paranormal Cleaners. In an ideal world, we’ll be posting more than that, but more than likely we’ll be doing it this way until March. At that point, I’m hoping to branch out and get some traction on other projects. The first parts of both Paranormal Cleaners and (almost) Second-Hand Goods are ready for publication. They need formatting and one last editing, but other than that, they’re looking really good.

      If we manage to stick to one post per week, a lofty goal to be sure, than we will be at the end of Paranormal Cleaners by the end of the year, or thereabouts. The follow-up story to Second-Hand Goods will be called Second-Hand Rumors. I’m looking at the unmitigated disaster that is the first chapter right now. I’m not supposed to do that, am I? Uh. It’s amazing? It will be, by the time I’m done. Thank you once more for your patience. Here’s to many years of fun.


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