The Great Infernal Hiatus~

     The truth of the matter is that I’ve been attempting to write this post for several days now, and haven’t had the heart to. I enjoy writing serialized fiction because to me, the most important thing about story-telling is the time between installments. That’s the time when your imagination takes hold and you start to wonder about what’s going to happen next and where the story is going. That down time is when fan theories take place, though I flatter myself to think I have fans at this point. Most times it feels like I’m talking to an empty room. Whatever the case, sadly the downtime will be quite a lot longer than I would have wanted it to be. I know that means I’m likely to lose what little momentum I have, but my hands are tied here.

     Two reasons have led me to this decision. Firstly, my editor is my wife and she works at a bakery. As the holiday season grows ever closer, she will be at the bakery more and more and between that and her health issues, that means she will have no time to edit my work. As the days grow shorter and I get less and less sunlight, my own health issues are likely to perk up as well. This means that I plan on spending the next month rough drafting and fine tuning. I may try and get the last couple of chapters of the first part of Second-Hand Goods out of the way, to wrap up that last plot thread and I will try and post once or twice a week at least to let you know how things are going. Sadly, my laptop dying took more of my writing than I knew and I will not be able to land on my feet as well as I had hoped.

     Lastly, in addition to the aforementioned reasons, I am ultimately writing to make money. You could argue as to the quality of the writing or the frequency with which I post, but it’s getting down to crunch time. Come January, loan payments will need to start which means that I need some kind of cash flow by that point. I am not directly asking you for money, maybe I should do that more, but I am saying that between the aforementioned difficulties and my current financial straits, it’s hard to justify spending time on my writing when I really need to just focus on getting a job. Please forgive me for my absence, you all mean the world to me. My wife and I both thank you for your readership thus far and we will see you on the other side, once at least some of the darkness has passed. That will likely be in January, and we will resume regular posting at that time. Tomorrow, there is one more Jack and Stan post scheduled which will wrap up the first part for Paranormal Cleaners. Stay happy, stay healthy and see you all later.


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