Paranormal delays~

     Last night, my laptop crashed. I took it into Best Buy and she’s dead, Jim. This means that my comfortable backlog of edited posts that only needed looking over by my wife is now gone. The story has gotten further on the Patreon site than it has here, so this might not affect you this much, but there will soon come a point where you will sadly be without posts from me for a period of about a week. The Patreon crowd may have to deal with a slightly longer delay. I beg your forgiveness for the delays. I’ve never been great about making backups of my text. I have nobody to blame but myself. As I mentioned on my Patreon, I have a treat planned to make up for the delay. For the next few days, there will be posts that were scheduled before this madness. Once the backlog ends, the regular posting schedule at this point will be as follows,

Tuesday, 5:00pm
Thursday, 5:00pm

The rest of the week will be filled in as time goes on, depending on how much writing I can get done. Thank you for your readership, dear friends.



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