Welcome to the Tale-Spinner’s Hearth

   Hello, gentle readers and visitors, to this lil’ ol website. This is the home I have begun for my stories, which will begin mainly with the set of stories that I am currently working on and gradually expand from there. I really hate these introductions, because I feel like there isn’t much to say about myself. My name is Henry Monroe. I hold a Master’s Degree from the University of Dallas in the Humanities and dream of someday going on for my Doctoral degree. My studies were mainly in Medieval Europe, not that I plan on posting much academic stuff here, unless you want me to. I love cats, dogs and my mice, which is the only pets my wife and I can keep right now.

    My wife Anna helps me to run my Patreon and this website, expect some art from her at some point in the future. Since my efforts to find a job teaching have thus far been fruitless, I figured I would make a serious attempt at making a living with my writing. According to my mother, I started telling stories when I was telling stories when I was three years old. They all started with me getting into a car and driving and they all ended with, “And then I drove away.” Don’t worry, I won’t end any stories like that, unless you want me to.

    I play the tin whistle and more video games then I should, which will form the basis for some of the stories I plan on writing. I hope you enjoy the tales I intend to spin. I also plan on posting on a semi-regular basis some pieces that contain my own opinions on writing and story-telling. Of course, I originally said the same thing on my Patreon, and that has kind of fallen by the wayside since I’ve started going. I hope you can find it in your hearts to support myself and my wife in our efforts to make a life for ourselves. Life has been pretty rough for both of us, though certainly others have had it rougher. Thank you for perusing my intro, gentle readers and visitors. Please explore my humble home and listen to a tale by my fire for a bit. You are all welcome. Feel free to comment, share and discuss the stories with your friends. You are my hope.