Welcome to the Tale-Spinner’s Hearth

       Hello, dear friends. My wife and I welcome you to our humble inn, this Tale Spinner’s Hearth. This is our home, into which we will always welcome you with open arms. This inn is a home for the stories that I write, with the aid of my lovely wife. For now, this mostly entails two long running stories. One is called Jack and Stan: Paranormal Cleaners. and the other is “Second-Hand Rumors”. Both stories take place in the same shared world, and possess many overlapping characters. As time goes on, I hope to add  more stories and other offerings for your enjoyment and perusal. As an aid to your stay, please allow me to give you a rundown on what to expect in terms of current stories and site layout.

     Paranormal Cleaners features Jack Goodbody, heir apparent to the mysterious and eccentric Goodbody family. He works fulfilling his life’s purpose with his companion, Stanley Whitkins, cleaning up sites both haunted and cursed where normal cleaners fear to tread. While he works, he attempts to avoide getting pulled back into his complicated family life, with varying levels of success.

     Second-Hand Rumors is the sequel to Second-Hand Goods, and features a petty thief named Liam Boggan. His inability to die, and his years of experience in seedy and underhanded affairs, also make him the perfect spy for his blackmailer and employer, Simon Nair, the man who would rule the Mythic world.

     Now, let me give you a quick rundown of the inn. The page “The Hearth: Our Story Thus Far” has the current chapters week to week, as well as the weekly author’s post called “a note from the fireside”. Each part of every story has it’s own page with all the chapters organized from 1-24 once they part is done. As of now, Paranormal Cleaners I and Second-Hand Goods are done. Once I start doing the Total War story, it will have its own page. Thank you for you visit, dear friends. Whether you’re a new visitor, a long time friend, or an occasional passerby, we are so thrilled to have you. Please pull up a chair and stay awhile. Read some stories and relax. Welcome again to our home. We are so happy to have you.